Caldecott award winning author, Laura Vaccaro Seeger has created an inspired new picture book dedicated to the exploration of that much-loved color, green. Just released this year, “Green” is a subtle, nuanced book that kids will naturally be drawn to. With its visually appealing, touch-these-pages artwork, the essence of the color green is deftly explored in this picture book that isn’t just a picture book.

By using the simplicity of a color as a vehicle, ┬áSeeger explores some surpisingly complicated themes. She broaches the subject of permanence, family, loss and rebirth in a format that children can access and she does so with enough depth that the concepts can grow with the child. The images in “Green” are rich enough to draw the reader into the world of the color, be it in shades of green zebra-striped “wacky,” “slow” or “no green.” People who share this book with a child will want to have some paint supplies handy, since perusing the almost tactile feel of the artwork instills an intense craving for paint covered fingers.