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Welcome PTA Leader!
Try a no-stress,
100% online book fair.
Children’s Bookstore has re-imagined
the book fair to help you promote reading
and raise great funds online.
PTAs and schools all over the U.S. are signing up for online book fairs.
  • » Online book fairs require a fraction of the effort of a conventional book fair.
  • » You earn 30% of every book purchase. At the end of the fair, we send you a check.
  • » There are more than 200,000 titles available.
  • » Anyone in the U.S. can buy books at your book fair—you get the credit.
  • » An online book fair can be held any time. For example, you can capture the
  •    holiday book buying season with a book fair between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • » There are no minimum buy requirements and no fees.
  • » An online book fair can be set up in less than ten minutes.
  • » You can customize your book fair page with books recommendations and your logo.
We have taken all the time-consuming tasks out…
of the conventional book fair and made life easier for staff and volunteers. We ship books straight to the home–there’s no need to sort book orders or handle inventory.
With more than 200,000 titles available, everyone will find books to enjoy. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying an online book fair.
We firmly believe that today is a golden age of juvenile literature and we love to help promote beautiful and important books to families.
What Our Customers are Saying:

Having an online book fair through Children’s Bookstore was probably one of the easiest fundraisers we have done for our school.  Even with not having advertised it enough (a miscommunication of my own at the school) we still earned a good amount.  The books are the same you can find through any other book fair and the prices are great.  And the biggest benefit of all?  We didn’t have to use up valuable physical space with shelves of books and nonsense filler items that the kids don’t need! 
Shannon:  PTA President, Maple Street Magnet School, Rochester, New Hampshire


We tried the online book fair for the first time this fall.  I really appreciated how helpful the staff was with making sure I had everything I needed to promote the fair and with giving ideas to make sure our fair was successful.  Students and families also told me how helpful the staff was with any questions they had.  


The website was very easy for parents and students to navigate and had books about almost everything the kids were looking for.  After doing on-site book fairs for several years, this was the easiest book fair I have done, and I plan to do another in the spring.
–Lincoln Elementary: Ardmore, Oklahoma


Children’s Bookstore was a great choice for a fundraiser for our 15th District PTA.  The staff was amazing and helpful.  There website was easy to use, books were shipped quickly.  Very easy fundraiser that took very little people power to do.  We made money while promoting reading.  Looking forward to doing it again next year.
–Heather Wampler: President, 15th District PTA, Louisville, Kentucky

——– offered a great selection of children’s books for all ages.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  They made every effort to make running the fair easy and efficient!
–Jennifer Simoneau:  Ponaganset Middle School, North Scituate Rhode Island


What a great experience!  An online book fair was new to me, so there were initial apprehensions.  Those apprehensions were unfounded because working with this group of people on this book fair was easy.  The staff was very prompt in answering any questions I had.  The selection of books was fantastic and they were appealing to the students.    I would recommend doing a book fair with Children’s Bookstore if you want to try something new, that requires very little effort on your part and that will get sales.  I know that I will do another one in the future.
–Nancy Piper:  Wendell Creative Arts and Sciences Magnet School, Wendell, North Carolina

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