Uncle Rocky, Fireman #3 Sparky’s Rescue


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Uncle Rocky, Fireman – Book 3 – Sparky’s Rescue New firefighter, Rocky Hill and his two nephews, Ben and Luke, are on a mission to find a mascot for the fire house. Only a Dalmatian will do, but the City Pound has none and the Pet Store is sold out; strikes one and two. If Valley Kennels is strike three the mission will be a failure and Uncle Rocky’s day off wasted. – – Called “Good Books for Young Boys” Uncle Rocky, Fireman is a series of children’s illustrated story books about the adventures of a firefighter and his two nephews. Apart or together they fight fires, rescue people, and help neighbors. The stories are free of bad behavior and the characters are kind, friendly people who enjoy helping others, so parents may confidently read Uncle Rocky, Fireman to their children. Uncle Rocky, Fireman emphasizes service to others and devotion to duty with each story ending with the trademark statement, “Glad to do it

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