ZzZzZz…Maybe I Don’t Want to Sleep with Mommy and Daddy…

Daddy Book Blog Entry #2

Hello, this is Brian with Childrensbookstore.com.  Most parents deal with the issue of children wanting to sleep in our beds.  For a lot of people it’s a battle.  Well, um, not for us (thanks to my snoring).

On road trips and vacations, we typically stay in one-bedroom villas or hotel rooms.  We do this to obviously separate us from our kids.  On one such trip we were stuck in a studio room, we let Emily sleep with us in our bed…let’s just say that our little girl never asked to sleep in our bed again.  Daddy’s sawing logs was the cure for that little issue.

The children’s book, “My Daddy Snores”, is a super fun book about how a family finds a way to get a good night’s sleep while daddy revs the ol’ chainsaw like Paul Bunyan after a 5-hour energy drink (Ok, Paul used an axe, but you know what I mean).  The illustrations in this book are fantastic and entertaining.  My daughter thinks it’s the most hillarious thing in the world to read a book that puts daddy in a somewhat vulnerable and silly light, and tells a tale about how the family works together to solve this monumental household drama.

I love mushy daddy books, but this silly daddy book is really entertaining and puts a funny spin on a common household matter.  At childrensbookstore.com we have an economically priced paperback version of this book on sale now.

Enjoy.  I’ll be back next week with the third of ten favorite daddy books.