Zombie in Love

It is something of a cultural meme in the U.S., but the summer of 2012 seems to have become the summer of the zombie apocalypse. There have been several news outlets reporting bizarre “zombie-esque” behavior that’s getting citizens arrested.

You could easily dismiss these as isolated biting incidents, but it’s fun to mock the latest media obsession. (Note: Parents, this is a friendly reminder to teach your children that biting is always bad manners.)

However, if your kids are anything like mine, they pay attention to the news and sometimes stories that we perceive as amusing come across to kids with less sophisticated senses of humor as frightening.

So, in the spirit of the zombie apocalypse, I found a kids book that makes those dreaded zombies come across as downright loveable.

The story of “Zombie in Love” by Kelly DiPucchio, with pictures by Scott Campbell, is a tale of one undead soul seeking a mate to share his afterlife with. Mortimer the zombie is a “tall, dead and handsome zombie” who is desperately seeking love, but none of the things he’s tried have worked out.

Maybe it’s the way his arm falls off when attempting to lift weights, or maybe leaving the finger inside the ring he gives to the waitress as a gift was an oversight, but poor Mortimer is as alone as ever. I don’t know what kind of woman turns down a man offering her a “small, shiny red” human heart, but perhaps she needs her head examined.

He even puts a “zombie seeking love” ad in the newspaper. As time goes on, it becomes clear to our fledgling brain-eater, “that no one is dying to meet him.” But all is not lost, as there are surprises in store for Mortimer at the upcoming Cupid’s Ball.

DiPucchio’s clever little storybook with its amusing take on zombie romance is destined to become a children’s classic. Plus, Scott Campbell’s masterful art brings an added dimension of humor to the subject matter.

Zombie apocalypse or not, this book shows kids that everyone is loveable in their own way and inspires hope that there is true love out there for everyone…even if their arms fall off sometimes.

You can pick up your copy of “Zombie in Love” here.