What Should My Child be Reading?

“What should my child be reading?” This is a question that I have heard many times before. Figuring out what material is right for your child can be very complicated. Every child will enjoy different books and there is no tried and true method of determining which literature is best for your child.

The best advice that I give to parents when discussing this topic is simple; ask them. Taking your child to the bookstore or library and exploring what is available is a great way to find out what your kids want to read. This can be particularly effective when dealing with picky readers. They get to immerse themselves in a large body of material that is available to read and you can see the things they show interest in.

The only way to really help your children figure out what they enjoy reading is to have them read a number of different things. Some kids like to read a little bit of everything, where others will be much more difficult to figure out. Every child is different. The sooner you start, the more likely your children will turn into great readers.

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