What Every Mom NEEDS for Mother’s Day: The “Bedtime For Mommy” Book

Your child’s bedtime ritual may never be the same again after you pick up this fantastic book for an evening read. Have you ever let your kids tuck you in? Here’s your chance!

As a mom, I can say with absolute certainty that a highly sought after commodity for most moms is sleep. Ah, delightful, delectable sleep, in all of its amazing restfulness is just as rare as it is precious to nearly any mother. Keeping that in mind, another perfect book that we suggest for Mother’s Day this weekend is “Bedtime For Mommy.” It was penned by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a famous author who recently presented at the TED Talks.  It was illustrated by Levyen Pham, the brilliant mind behind the gorgeous artwork in the book.

If you’ve ever really struggled to get back out of bed to deliver another drink of water, or blanket, you’ll love the concept behind this storybook. In a celebration of bedtime silliness, the little kids gets the chance to put Mommy to bed for once. Poor exhausted mommy must be coaxed to get to bed, take a bath and be read to…and what else would do for a mommy bedtime story, but “Anna Karenina?” This charming little book has drawn the accolades from the New York Times, a nod from the Indie Next Top Ten and additional attention from the gang at The Huffington Post.

Ideally, every kid should get the opportunity to put his or her parents to bed, if just for the slightest little taste of the potential for fun at bedtime. We love the concept in this book, and we had a great time reading it to our kids and then having them attempt to put us to bed! It was great! Rosenthal is a genius, and as such, deserves a nice long Mother’s Day nap! This book makes for a great addition to spice up any bedtime routine, and can help make what is sometimes a bit of a chore into a fun family nighttime ritual.

Sweet dreams to all of you mommies out there… don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Oh, and be sure to watch this trailer for the book!