What Do People Do All Day? by Richard Scarry

What does a worm with one shoe, a cat wearing lederhosen and a tiny gold bug have in common? They all share the pages of the amazing  world of Richard Scarry.  If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Scarry’s whimsical drawings, don’t worry a bit.  You and your child will quickly fall in love with these adorable characters.
For decades the author has delighted both parent and child alike with his brightly-colored pictures where each page is chock full of animated characters. Lowly Worm and Huckle the Cat will soon work their way into your hearts, and probably your son or daughter’s childhood.  You will not find any humans in Mr. Scarry’s work, it is strictly animals and insects, in full personification, grasping and holding the attention of younger audiences.



Join Huckle and his sister as they get dressed for school, what should they wear today? Looks like Huckle needs socks, shoes, shirt, pants and snow boots? Well, maybe not today.  But what about breakfast? Have your child guess.  Mother Cat’s kitchen is full of many recognizable items; should they have eggs? How will they cook them, they’ll need a frying pan.   How about toast? Look around..  Hey, there’s the toaster!  Watch your child’s face light up as they search the page and find all those same things they use at home. You can buy this book here!

What does Huckle like to do?  Well, probably the same things your own child does, riding his bike, playing with his best friend and perhaps wondering about that age-old question; what the heck does mom and dad do all day?

Boys and girls will spend hours pondering over these primary-colored illustrations, soon memorizing each page and character.  They will learn all about that funny world of grown-ups.

Some parents are farmers, some fight fires, others work for the post office, build houses, make dresses, fly airplanes.  Who knew that being all grown up could be so much fun!

Best of all, Mr. Scarry will bring up that all-important notion: What will your own child want to be when they grow up?