Tuesdays at the Castle

Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George is a romping little adventure about the tricks inherent in hanging out in a castle. Actually, it’s not just any castle it is a magic castle. The book is targeted towards grade school-age kids. The main character is as much Princess Cecelia (Celie) as it is the quirky, spunky castle where she spends her Tuesdays.

Every visit to the palace brings new adventures for our spunky outspoken princess. When it comes time for Celie to try to save her beloved kingdom, what better place would she turn to than the castle for some palace-inspired assistance? Celie must use every ounce of energy, brain power and princess privilege to make sure that her kingdom remains safe.

Touching on darker themes, Celie must cope with some fights, mourning the loss of her parents, and keeping her loved one’s safe. Thankfully, the castle, written with a keen wit, has developed some hilarious strategies for keeping the unwashed masses from staying inside palace walls for too long… we won’t spoil the story by giving away the castle’s best pranks, but we will say that our favorite involved manure. It left us giggling and we’re sure it will leave the young child in your family giggling, too. 

Adding to the castle’s human characteristics, the castle creates rooms of splendor for its favorite occupants, and tormenting visitors it does not care for with twists, turns, and tricks. You will not want to miss out on this touching, humorous adventure story from Jessica Day George.