Truck Books that Parents and Kids Will Love

Do you have a son or daughter who LOVES trucks?  If so you have probably noticed that many truck picture books read like textbooks.  Although your child may be enthralled with the description of the loader bucket or why tracks may be preferred to wheels, you may find it tiring bed time reading.  If truck picture books are putting you to sleep before your child consider checking out the books listed below which are guaranteed to be loved by parents and their truck loving children!

“Where do Diggers Sleep at Night?” by Brianna Caplan Sayres

This rhyming story illustrates the bedtime rituals for “kid” trucks.  The story is not only about diggers but also shares the bedtime routines of garbage trucks, fire trucks,dump trucks and more.

“Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site” by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld

Another rhyming story about trucks going to bed.  This one is different enough from “Where do Diggers Sleep at Night?” though so it is worthwhile to consider owning both.  In this story the trucks are shown finishing up their work for the day and then tucking themselves in for the night.  A variety of trucks are highlighted including a crane and concrete mixer.


“Who Made This Cake” by Chihiro Nakagawa

This imaginative story shows tiny people using big trucks to make an enormous birthday cake.  The illustrations are fun for kids and parents alike.  The simple text makes this a good book to read over and over again.




“FireTruck” and “Trucks Trucks Trucks” by Peter Sis

Both of these books by the same author highlight a young boy who loves trucks.   Your child will relate to the character and you will relate to the parent in the story.  Both have a fun twist at the end and have the additional benefit of incorporating counting within the story providing an educational aspect.





“The Trucker” by Barbara Samuels

A little boy, Leo, really wants a firetruck but instead his mom gives him a kitten, Lola.  The hilarious illustrations in this book highlight how much Leo loves trucks and how tired his mom is of finding trucks everywhere (even in her oatmeal) and reading the same truck stories.  Lola’s addition to the family starts out rocky but in the end you and your child will enjoy seeing the special way she fits in.

For children who can’t get enough trucks these five authors have provided books that are enjoyable even for the adults doing the reading!  Don’t spend another night reading the textbook details of trucks.  Pick up these books and start looking forward to bed time reading with your child.

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