Star Wars 1978

Star Wars Pop Up

This is an original first-edition Star Wars Pop Up book, published in 1978. The Star Wars series is, by any measure, one of the greatest marketing feats in the history of film. There was just as much effort placed into developing toys, gifts and memorabilia as was put into the movies themselves. This example of a Star Wars pop-up book captures the excitement and wonder the film generated and bears witness that there is much more money to be made in movie tie-in products than with the film itself.

The example we have at was never sold. It is a genuine new-old-stock piece that feels just like it did when it came off the press in 1978. The book opens up just like the movie, with a view of an imperial ship probing the galaxy for rebels. The rest of the book faithfully follows the movie plot ending in the destruction of the Death Star.

You can see several elements of paper engineering in this book; conventional pop-ups from the center of the page, pull tabs that generate action of people, and robots, ascending and descending and the finale where Luke Skywalker sweeps Princess Lea across a an open abyss to safety. You will also see an interesting example of a pull tab where an image appears when it is pulled across vertically cut paper.

This pop up book is great fun for any Star Wars fan on a number of levels. Please take time to view the video, look at the photos and enjoy this great book.