Skippyjon Jones

 My ears are too beeg for my head. My head ees too beeg for my body. I am not a Siamese cat … I AM A CHIHUAHUA!” 

— Skippyjon Jones


I used to own a beautiful Siamese cat. His name was Paws, and the thing about Paws was that he was completely, unrepentantly evil. This cat would crouch behind a corner and wait for unsuspecting humans to walk by in the wee hours of the morning and would then attack the bare ankles of said human. (Usually me, at 6 a.m.)

Other times, this ferocious beast would pounce a sleeping person on the head, or attack a stray limb dangling from the edge of a bed. He was known for violent rampages where he’d circle the house, running faster and faster, climbing curtains, murdering pillows, always too fast to catch. At times, it was like living with a schizophrenic Tasmanian Devil.

Just as quickly as he’d attack an ankle, he would roll onto his back waiting for ears scratching and purring. Ever the hunter, he’d behave as though I was his prey, stalking me from behind, swiping at my head from atop a fridge, or when he was especially angry, backing me into a corner.

You needn’t feel too bad for me, since I deserved most of it. I loved to torment the poor cat right back. I suppose you could say we affectionately despised each other.

Siamese cats are known for their peculiar behavior, and personality wise, they are highly entertaining as companions. If your family happens to own and love a Siamese, or if you just want to read about one, then Judy Schachner’s “Skippyjon Jones” books series is one the kids should peruse this summer.

He’s a feline with an attitude and tends to think he’s bigger than his cat-sized britches. Ever the cool kitty, he’s a master at getting himself into trouble.

Much like my homicidal cat, Skippyjon Jones is under the impression that he is a sword-wielding feline Zorro, complete with an Antonio Banderas-inspired accent. His intense personality and Schachner’s sharp cat-observations will have children snickering at his frolics.

You can snag a copy of any of the Skippyjon Jones series here, or print out free Skippyjon cards here. Just be cautious… if you don’t have a Siamese in your life already, Skippyjon Jones might entice you to get one. Well, if you’re partial to feeling like potential cat food, that is.