Yes! You Can.

Author: June Archer
Publish Date: March 2017
Pages: 50
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Publisher: Uptown
ISBN: 1935883984

Book Overview

Today s young people face a different world and more complicated issues than ever before. Bullying, Gangs, violence, drugs, alcohol, smoking, teen pregnancy, depression, and suicide have found their way into our middle and elementary schools. These issues make kids feel like they need to grow up and mature faster than they need to in order to understand and accept all the troubles of the world.
Now more than ever, kids need and wantthe inspiration and motivation that "Yes You Can" provides. In this book, young readers will learn about professions that make a difference as well as some that are fun and rewarding. Teaching them that dreams do come true and to believe in their dreams will help build the next generation of positive thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs. These small affirmations and keys to success will allow them to be kids, find empowerment and encouragement to do what they love, believe in their dreams, and discover hope for a promising future.

"Yes You Can" is Building The Next Generation of Positive Minds

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