Words by the Handful 4 Volume Boxed Set: Sharing Sign Language with Your Child: Four Stories to Help You and Your Baby Communicate

Boxed Set
Publish Date: November 2010
Pages: 96
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Dimensions: 5.7 in. tall, 5.5 in. wide, 2.3 in. thick
Publisher: Bright Sky Pub
ISBN: 1933979720

Book Overview

Baby Ellis is hungry, but he can't talk, and neither can his friends BB The Black Bear and Ducky - except, that is, to each other. What can they do? They say it with sign language. Ellis lets his hands do the talking, and soon all their bellies are full. Milk and More is the first Words by the Handful story. This series of children's concept/picture books teaches American Sign Language (ASL) to babies and their families through interactive and entertaining stories. Each Words by the Handful story weaves five signs into a 300 - 600 word engaging children's tale. Baby sign language - the use of ASL with pre-verbal babies and toddlers - is a growing phenomenon. Parents marvel when babies talk long before they can form words, and research confirms that the twos of signing infants are less terrible. Hearing babies can use signs to communicate effectively long before they can speak words. Providing a context for the introduction of each sign, these educational stories focus on communicating essential messages through repetition and reading aloud while encouraging long-term developmental benefits by stimulating early communication skills.

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