Who Are You Calling Little Shrimpy?

Author: Susan Troutt
Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 142
Price: $13.99


Dimensions: 8 in. tall, 5 in. wide, 0.33 in. thick
Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN: 1524627046

Book Overview

Get ready for some wacky fun with Jake, the shortest kid at Camp Wildwood. Stretching like a human rubber band or dangling from trees might make him taller, but if his arms stretch, he'll look like a chimpanzee. In the meantime, a kid twice his size nicknames him Little Shrimpy. That's not a name; that's a shellfish. But the name sticks.

Jake gets in the camp spirit by soaping cook pots inside and out, making paper fire houses to start campfires, and whomping crickets with cricket bats. But there's no escaping those campfire ghost stories and the on-the-loose camp ghost. Floorboards creak, beds bump, the big kid goes missing, and Jake, in all his innocence, becomes the prime suspect.

You won't believe how things turn out in the very uproarious Who Are You Calling Little Shrimpy?

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