Where You’ll Find Me

Publish Date: March 2017
Pages: 288
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Publisher: Turtleback Books
ISBN: 0606395911
Accelerated Reader ®
Quiz#: 180949
Quiz Name: Where You'll Find Me
Reading Level: 3.7
Interested Level: Middle Grade Plus
Point Value: 7
  • Where You’ll Find Me
    Where You’ll Find Me
    Price: $9.99
  • Where You’ll Find Me
    Where You’ll Find Me
    Price: $20.85

Book Overview

Natasha Friend, I loved your book. I peeked at the first page and was hooked. Judy Blume

The first month of school, thirteen-year-old Anna Collette finds herself. . . .
Dumped by her best friend, Dani, who suddenly wants to spend eighth grade hanging out with different people.
Deserted by her mom, who s in the hospital recovering from a suicide attempt.
Trapped in a house with her dad, a new baby sister, and a stepmother young enough to wear her Delta Delta Delta sweatshirt with pride.
Stuck at a lunch table with Shawna the Eyebrow Plucker and Sarabeth the Irish Stepper because she has no one else to sit with.

But what if all isn t lost? What if Anna s mom didn t exactly mean to leave her? What if Anna s stepmother is cooler than she thought? What if the misfit lunch table isn t such a bad fit after all?

With help from some unlikely sources, including a crazy girl-band talent show act, Anna just may find herself on the road to okay.

Heartfelt and heartbreaking, Where You'll Find Me by Natasha Friend is a moving story about the sometimes unconventional bonds of friendship and family.


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