What’s the Big Deal about Freedom?

Author: Ruby Shamir
Illustrator: Matt Faulkner
Publish Date: May 2017
Pages: 32
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Publisher: Philomel
ISBN: 0399547282

Book Overview

From the Constitution to civil rights, from women's rights to the four freedoms, this kid-friendly picture book filled with fun facts and historical trivia shows how America got the nickname "land of the free."
It s a free country Why? Because in America we're free speak our minds, choose our leaders and set the rules. Since way back when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, Americans have stood up for freedom again and again but it wasn t always easy
Did you know that Henry Box Brown escaped slavery by shipping himself north in a box? Or that Susan B. Anthony was arrested when she tried to vote? Did you know that even young kids protested for the right to go to school?
This entertaining, fact-filled book celebrates how, with every generation, more and more Americans won the right to be free. Find out how they did it and why standing up for the land of the free is such a big deal
Perfect for fans of The One and Only Declaration of Independence, John, Paul, George & Ben, and Shh We're Writing the Constitution and after this fraught election year, is a great way to talk about America, its values, and the rights we all enjoy."

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