What’s Going on Down There?: A Boy’s Guide to Growing Up

Author: Karen Gravelle
Illustrator: Robert Leighton
Publish Date: June 2017
Pages: 160
This book will publish June 2017.
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Price: $9.99


Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 1681193612

Book Overview

Boys can have many questions about going through puberty. This classic, appealingly illustrated guidebook-now updated with brand new content relevant to today's kids-is the perfect companion for boys and parents preparing for this important milestone. This guide offers a supportive, practical approach, providing clear and sensitive answers to common issues-from what physical changes you might experience, to what puberty is like for girls, to how to handle the sexual feelings you may be starting to experience.

This revised edition is made up of 25% updated content, featuring new sections on:
- body image
- consent
- using social media safely

Complete with funny black-and-white illustrations, this book will give boys the facts they need to feel confident about this new phase of their lives.

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