Water Walkers

Publish Date: July 2016
Pages: 48
Price: $14.95


Dimensions: 10 in. tall, 7.99 in. wide, 0.13 in. thick
ISBN: 0990744620

Book Overview

Water Walkers is the story of an Ojibway girl named Mai. Her family members are walking around Lake Superior to raise awareness about the harm that is being done to the Great Lakes. At first, Mai is told she is too little to go, but her grandmother says, "Even little people can do big things." As Mai walks along the lakeside path, she tries to find ways to help. Will the secret messages from the animals she sees on her journey show her how to help the water and Mother Earth? Will Mai prove that she is a clever coyote girl and can become a good water walker?

Water Walkers is a tribute to the many Native women and men who in today's world have courageously walked countless miles to draw attention to the condition of water. The message of this diverse, environmental book is to protect the water.

Included are: common core state standards, websites, cross-curriculum activities, a glossary of environmental terms, and ten ways for children to protect the Earth. With new original illustrations by Native American artist, David W. Craig. It is a must for every school and family library.

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