Unwanted Things: Starring Milo Brewster

Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 30
Price: $16.95


Dimensions: 11 in. tall, 8.5 in. wide, 0.08 in. thick
Publisher: Balboa Pr
ISBN: 150435740X

Book Overview

Milo Brewster, a nine-year old magnet, notices that he has many unwanted things stuck to him, and this does not feel good. Milo begins to observe other magnets in his neighborhood, at school and even at home. He notices that some magnet's have more wanted things stuck to them, than he does. Milo sets out determined to get the answer to his question: "How and why do unwanted things stick to magnets?" He asks everyone he knows and gets some very surprising answers With all the character's in "Unwanted Things" are horseshoe magnets. "Unwanted Things" helps children understand how wanted and unwanted things are attracted into their lives, and explains, in a way they can relate to, how the Law of Attraction works.

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