Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Author: Jules Verne
Retold by: Tony Evans
Illustrator: Stephen Lillie
Publish Date: July 2017
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Price: $6.95


Publisher: Real Reads
ISBN: 1911091069

Book Overview

Clouds of multi-coloured fish rose from our feet like surprised birds from long grass. Every so often I caught a glimpse of the gleaming eyes of enormous crabs, their gigantic claws threatening to bar my path. When Professor Aronnax and his two companions find themselves aboard the Nautilus they are amazed by the huge and powerful submarine and its mysterious owner, Captain Nemo. The three friends travel vast distances beneath the oceans, exploring an undersea realm full of excitement, discoveries and danger. Captain Nemo seems to have some secret purpose. Why has he shut himself off from the world, and what are his plans for the Nautilus? The captain has told them that that can never leave his vessel. Will the Professor and his companions find a way to escape from their underwater prison?

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