Together Always

Author: Edwina Wyatt
Illustrator: Lucia Masciullo
Publish Date: February 2017
Pages: 48
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ISBN: 1454923261

Book Overview

When you re the best of friends, you re always together in spirit even if you re far away.
Goat and Pig are best friends who do everything together in their little orchard. But one day, Goat wants to venture out in the world . . . while Pig wants to stay home. And for the first time, they re physically apart. But the friends discover that no matter where you are, when you love each other you re always together in your thoughts and your heart.
Edwina Wyatt has created a touching and perceptive story, perfect for comforting children who have friends and family that move away. Award-winning artist Lucia Masciullo s illustrations capture the two characters every emotion love, loss, loneliness in this endearing ode to a timeless friendship."

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