Tigers for Dinner: Tall Tales by Jim Corbett’s Khansama

Author: Ruskin Bond
Illustrator: Sunaina Coelho
Publish Date: January 2013
Pages: 74
Price: $17.99


Dimensions: 9 in. tall, 6 in. wide, 0.19 in. thick
Publisher: Clockroot Books
ISBN: 812912114X

Book Overview

Tigers For Dinner: Tall Tales By Jim Corbett's Khansama is a fun-filled book for children and adults alike. It is a collection of short stories about the adventures of Jim Corbett, narrated by his family cook Mehmoud, to the author when he was a child. Narrated in a simple style, all the tales told by the cook are as delicious as his food and takes a reader on a nostalgic journey. This book contains the author's childhood experiences at the home of the great hunter Jim Corbett. He keeps wandering into the kitchen to listen to the fascinating stories told by his cook and to gobble the delicious food prepared by him. Starting with the man-eating tigers, cobras, man-hunting crocodiles, useless Maharajas, haunting pillows and lost kitchen boys, the book contains everything that is needed to entertain a child's many curiosities. Littered with humor, Tigers For Dinner: Tall Tales By Jim Corbett's Khansama has captivating illustrations that pour life into the characters in the book. This novel is authored by Ruskin Bond who has written about his childhood days in India.

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