There Is Magic in Me!

Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 34
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Dimensions: 11 in. tall, 8.5 in. wide, 0.09 in. thick
Publisher: Balboa Pr
ISBN: 1504363876

Book Overview

Everything is possible when you harness the magic in you

All of your dreams are possible when you allow the magic to flow from your heart. Take the time to wonder what your heart wishes to experience in your life. Maybe it's learning to ride a bike or beginning a friendship with the new boy or girl in class.

The magic is your gift to yourself. You are here to create, to be innovative, to explore, to wonder, to make magic.

Find the magic in your heart and learn how to breathe life into it so that you can enjoy and love your life. When you listen to heart's desires, you have the ability to manifest your dreams into reality by applying the magical process of "think it, feel it, see it, and do it "

You are a creator You are limitless You are divine This is who you are.

Let the magic flow

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