The Warrior and Princess of Dreams: A Tale from Africa

Publish Date: September 2016
Pages: 42
Price: $12.99


Dimensions: 9.02 in. tall, 8.5 in. wide, 0.11 in. thick
ISBN: 0986101826

Book Overview

You've heard of all the other princesses right, Cinderella. Rapunzel. Belle. Tiana. Pocahontas. Mulan. Ariel. Snow White. ... Now it's time to meet ONAI, princess all the way from Southern Africa. An original story about The Warrior and Princess of Dreams. So what is it all about?

First issue is...........................

The Stone Palace needs a hero....

In the Mutopa Kingdom, Princess Onai is getting ready for her marriage to Prince Gomo when she is cursed by a jealous trickster and falls into an endless sleep. Trapped in the land of dreams, Onai cannot return, unless someone is brave enough to search for her and bring her back. Who will this brave warrior be? Will he get to her in time?

A phenomenal adventure from ancient lands of Zimbabwe that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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