The Underground Railroad: Navigate the Journey from Slavery to Freedom

Author: Judy Dodge Cummings
Illustrator: Tom Casteel
Publish Date: March 2017
Pages: 128
This book will publish March 2017.
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Price: $17.95


Publisher: Nomad Pr
ISBN: 1619304902

Book Overview

Imagine leaving everything you ve ever knownyour friends, family, and hometo travel along roads you ve never seen before, getting help from people you ve never met before, with the constant threat of capture hovering over your every move. Would you risk your life on the Underground Railroad to gain freedom from slavery?
In "The Underground Railroad: Navigate the Journey from Slavery to Freedom," readers ages 9 to 12 examine how slavery developed in the United States and what motivated abolitionists to work for its destruction. The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses operated by conductors and station masters, both black and white. Readers follow true stories of enslaved people who braved patrols, the wilderness, hunger, and their own fear in a quest for freedom.
In "The Underground Railroad," readers dissect primary sources, including slave narratives and runaway ads. Projects include composing a song with a hidden message and navigating by reading the nighttime sky. Amidst the countless tragedies that centuries of slavery brought to African Americans lie tales of hope, resistance, courage, sacrifice, and victorytruly an American story.

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