The Truth about You & Me

Author: Amanda Grace
Publish Date: September 2013
Pages: 229
Price: $9.99


Dimensions: 8.01 in. tall, 5.31 in. wide, 0.52 in. thick
Publisher: Flux
ISBN: 0738736244

Book Overview

Smart girls aren't supposed to do stupid things.

On her first day at Green River Community College, Madelyn Hawkins meets Bennett Cartwright, her biology professor. He's funny. He's interested. And he has no idea that Madelyn is only sixteen.

When they're together, Madelyn feels more alive than she's ever felt before. And she knows Bennett feels the same way. She also knows that if she tells him her real age, their relationship will be over.

So Madelyn makes a simple decision.She won't tell him.

Praise: "Grace...treats delicate issues with honesty and control."--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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