The Sea of Trolls Trilogy: The Sea of Trolls; The Land of the Silver Apples; The Islands of the Blessed

Author: Nancy Farmer
Publish Date: November 2016
Pages: 1504
This book will publish November 2016.
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Price: $32.99


Publisher: Atheneum Books
ISBN: 1481498355

Book Overview

Three-time Newbery Honor author Nancy Farmer s thrilling adventure trilogy that combines magic with comedy and high drama is now available in a collectible boxed set
This paperback boxed set includes all three volumes of The Sea of Trolls Trilogy: The Sea of Trolls, The Land of the Silver Apples, and The Islands of the Blessed.
Jack and his little sister, Lucy, have been captured by Vikings Enslaved by Olaf One-Brow and his fierce young shipmate, Thorgil, and befriended by a mysterious crow named Bold Heart, they are swept up into an adventure-quest in The Sea of Trolls.
Lucy is carried off by the Lady of the Lake, and Jack and his companions set out to rescue her. With the world caught between belief in the Old Gods and Christianity, their quest will decide the fate of both religions in The Land of the Silver Apples.
A tornado has destroyed the fields of Jack s village, the winter ahead looks bleak, and a monster has invaded the forest outside of town. So Jack, Thorgil, and the Bard set off on a quest to right the wrongs in The Islands of the Blessed."

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