The Pelican Who Couldn’t: Will Have You Wriggling and Slithering with Excitement. Incl

Author: Nei Griffiths
Illustrator: Peggy Collins
Publish Date: August 2015
Pages: 36
Price: $15.50


Dimensions: 9.8 in. tall, 8.8 in. wide, 0.2 in. thick
Publisher: Red Robin
ISBN: 1908702044

Book Overview

A tale of two 'tall-talking' pelicans who attempt to outdo each other. After much thrashing and splashing and pinching and snapping, one overdoes it, with feather-flying consequences A 'no you can't, yes I can' story that may leave you lost for words, but will have you wriggling and slithering with excitement Includes amazing pop-ups. See inside the book - The Pelican Who Couldn't

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