The Parent Agency

Author: David Baddiel
Illustrator: Jim Field
Publish Date: May 2017
Pages: 384
This book will publish May 2017.
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Price: $6.99


Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006240542X

Book Overview

I wish I had better parents Barry said, a third time.

And then suddenly the entire room started Barry Bennett hates being named Barry. It s number 2 on the list of reasons he can t stand his parents, along with 1) they re boring and 6) they re REALLY, REALLY, REALLY strict.

Five days before his tenth birthday, Barry decides he s had enough. He makes a wish . . . and is transported to a world where parents don t just have children. Instead, kids get to choose their parents.

For Barry, this seems like a dream come true. But choosing the perfect parents isn t quite that simple. . . .


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