The Paper Boat

Publish Date: April 2017
Pages: 256
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Publisher: Barbour Pub Inc
ISBN: 1683221788

Book Overview

The king is not well and is in a hurry to hand over his power to a new generation when rumors begin to circulate through the kingdom. It appears theking is unaware of the sinisterplot against the orphans and that it is the doing of the queen, who wants to be sure her child is heir tothe throne. As Avery weighsthe pros and cons of seeking an audience with the king, the castle is dealt a heavy blow; but Avery decides the risk is worth taking, and shesteps out of the shadows for the first time since entering the castle. WhenAvery is offered an opportunity of a lifetime, will she choosea life free from hardshipwithin the castle walls. . .orher family and the home she left behind?"

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