The Night Vj Got Saved

Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 30
Price: $12.95


Dimensions: 10 in. tall, 8 in. wide, 0.08 in. thick
ISBN: 168197195X

Book Overview

The Night VJ Got Saved is a true story based on the life of the author's son, Vincent Green, a.k.a. VJ, who, one night after a church service, gave his heart to Jesus. There are experiences in life you'll never forget, and those of you that have made the choice to accept Jesus's love know what I mean. There's nothing like feeling the presence of the Lord. In his presence is a joy and a peace that surpasses all understanding. It's one of those experiences you have to experience for yourself. I pray that as parents and children read The Night VJ Got Saved, it reminds you of your personal experience when you gave your heart to Jesus and to create a desire for him in those who don't know Jesus as their personal savior

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