The Jolly Dodgers: Pirates Who Pretended

Author: Nei Griffiths
Illustrator: Janett Louden
Publish Date: August 2015
Pages: 32
Price: $13.50


Dimensions: 11.2 in. tall, 9.7 in. wide, 0.3 in. thick
Publisher: Red Robin
ISBN: 1908702125

Book Overview

This should have been the tale of swashbuckling vagabonds who ruled the seas by blasting ships with whizzing cannonballs before plundering them of their glistening treasures. But meet instead the most puny of pirates who preferred pampering to plundering and bowling to blasting A skullduggery story that sends shivers down the shins of piratehood. This, is the author's first pirate adventure and is like no other, as looting and pilfering is the last thing on this crew s mind, but not their wives The book, brilliantly illustrated by Janette Louden, includes Pirate and sailor terminology explained on the endpapers
See inside the book:
The Jolly Dodgers"

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