The Great Caribbean Chicken Caper: Sixteen Chickens on a Trampoline

Author: Faye Lippitt
Publish Date: June 2016
Pages: 38
Price: $15.99


Dimensions: 8.7 in. tall, 10.9 in. wide, 0.2 in. thick
Publisher: Clm Pub
ISBN: 0997432349

Book Overview

They cuddle, they frolic, they bounce Follow this family of twins as they invite sixteen chickens to join their topsy-turvy world. Growing up in the Caribbean means trips to the sea, hide and go seek, trampoline escapades? what more could a kid - or chicken - want? Places and names may be new but the story is true. Once upon an island there were six children who loved the land and the sea. Their names were Mulronie and Cydonie, Nalani and Amani, Davoni and Ajoni. Four of them were twins, which sometimes confused people.All profits from the purchase of these books go to support literacy in the Caribbean.

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