The Gift of Gift

Author: Sanjay Nambiar
Illustrator: Sedi Pak
Publish Date: November 2016
Pages: 32
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Publisher: Umiya Pub Inc
ISBN: 0988905027

Book Overview

The Super Amazing Princess Heroes have sprung in to action to help build a new school in Uganda. Everything is going well until one of the heroes, Kinney, gets very sick with a heart condition and flies back to the U.S. for medical help. The girls soon learn that one of their Ugandan friends, a wonderful girl named Gift, is sick with the same condition. She needs to fly to the U.S. as well but what if she didn t? What if she had a hospital in Uganda that could help other kids just like her? The story of the Super Duper Princess Heroes conveys positive messages to young girls to help others and to think of those outside themselves."

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