The End of Fun

Author: Sean McGinty
Publish Date: April 2017
Pages: 416
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Publisher: Disney-hyperion
ISBN: 1484722140

Book Overview

Everyday Reality is a Drag .
FUN -the latest in augmented reality-is fun (YAY ) but it's also frustrating, glitchy, and dangerously addictive (BOO ). Just when everyone else is getting on, 17-year-old Aaron O'Faolain wants off.
But first he has to complete his Application for Termination, and in order to do that he has to deal with his History-not to mention the present, including his grandfather's suicide and a series of clues that may (or may not) lead to buried treasure. As he attempts to unravel the mystery, Aaron is sidetracked again . . . and again. Shadowed by his virtual "best friend," Homie, Aaron struggles with love, loss, dog bites, community theater, wild horses, wildfires, and the fact (deep breath) that actual reality can sometimes surprise you.
Sean McGinty's strikingly profound debut unearths a world that is eerily familiar, yet utterly original. Discover what it means to come to the end of fun.

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