The Colin Thompson Collection

Publish Date: December 2016
This book will publish December 2016.
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Publisher: Bolinda Audio
ISBN: 1489358390

Book Overview

A collection of charming and hilarious tales about two dogs, Fearless and Stanley, from the award-winning writer Colin Thompson.

This audiobook includes:

Fearless When the Claybourne-Willments got Fearless as a little puppy, it seemed a good name for him. Except Fearless wasn't. How does Fearless finally live up to his name? By accident, of course

Fearless in Love The only thing Fearless could remember his mother telling him was, 'Life is much nicer if you love everyone.' But loving everyone is much more complicated than Fearless had imagined. Until he meets Primrose...

Fearless Sons & Daughter Fearless warns his children about the dangers lurking around every corner but when Primrose is in trouble, will Fearless put aside his fears or will it be brave pup Eric to the rescue?

Stanley Stanley lives with his human, Gerald, and Gerald's mum. Life is peaceful.... But then one day another dog steals his favourite red rubber ball at his park, and sets in motion a chain of events that will change Stanley's life forever.


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