The Children’s Garden: Growing Food in the City

Publish Date: May 2017
Pages: 32
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Publisher: Little Bigfoot
ISBN: 1570619840

Book Overview

Welcome to the Children s Garden--a beautiful place to connect with nature and the food cycle Illustrated with colorful paintings, this charming picture book features a diverse group of children connecting to food through hands-on outdoor activity.
"Down the road from Woodlawn Avenue, on a street called Sunnyside, there s a garden patch grown by children who live in the neighborhood. A sign on the garden s gate says: Children s Garden, WELCOME That means: Come in, please. Listen, see, smell, touch--even taste "
In rich prose and lush illustrations, this charming picture book shows children as urban farmers, exploring the sights, smells, sensations, and tastes of growing their own food in a community garden. The story invites young readers to enjoy summer s bounty and the hands-on experience of tending and harvesting it, while the colorful illustrations depict a multicultural community of children learning about and enjoying a sustainable, local food system."

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