The Case of the Phantom Cat: The Mysteries of Maisie Hitchins

Author: Holly Webb
Publish Date: July 2016
Price: $29.99


Dimensions: 4.8 in. tall, 5.5 in. wide, 0.4 in. thick
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
ISBN: 1520021305

Book Overview

In book three of Holly Webb's The Mysteries of Maisie Hitchins, twelve-year-old Maisie and her dog Eddie are invited to join Maisie's friend Alice on a trip to the country. It's lovely to get away from the London smog, but there is something strange about the manor where the girls are staying. Odd noises, horrid smells, and sightings of a spectral cat keep them up at night. Has Alice's father rented a haunted house? There must be a logical explanation, and Maisie plans to use her detecting skills to find out what it is

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