The Boxheads

Publish Date: December 2015
Pages: 36
Price: $21.99


Dimensions: 9 in. tall, 6 in. wide, 0.25 in. thick
Publisher: Tate Pub
ISBN: 162563367X

Book Overview

Meet the Boxheads. They're the family of the new millennium. The Boxheads have many funny situations as they explore their new surroundings and meet new friends at the local mall. Come along with them to learn about morals, good manners, and how to be a true friend through problem solving. The Boxheads saga will continue with their unique methods of teaching children to love, to respect, and to have genuine feelings that are motivated by both heart and mind, always using the power of reasoning to weigh both sides, thus coming to the right and most thoughtful conclusions. By keeping the little conscious activated, it keeps an open mind to the good and not-so-good, in time developing character and good conduct. The Boxhead's personalities reflect the basics of today's children.

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