The Betrayal: At the House of the Magician

Author: Mary Hooper
Read by: Ruth Sillers
Publish Date: September 2016
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ISBN: 153187472X

Book Overview

Lucy is still working for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, and her romance with Tomas, the queen s fool, seems to be flourishing or it is until Mistress Juliette, the new lady-in-waiting, arrives and Tomas pays her far too much attention for Lucy s liking. But then Lucy realises that Juliette is telling lies and is not what she appears to be.

Lucy fears for the safety of the queen, but how will she convince Tomas of her fears when he just teases her and tells her that she is simply jealous? Desperate times call for desperate measures....

The thrilling final book in the House of the Magician series.


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