The Ark Plan

Author: Laura Martin
Illustrator: Eric DesChamps
Publish Date: May 2017
Pages: 384
This book will publish May 2017.
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Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062416235

Book Overview

I always thought that I wouldn t put you in danger for the world, but it turns out that for the world, I will. Dad

one hundred and fifty years ago: The first dinosaurs were cloned. With their return came a prehistoric pandemic that nearly wiped out the human race. The only way to survive was to move underground, allowing the dinosaurs to take over. . . .

Five years ago: Sky Mundy s father mysteriously fled their home in North Compound, one of four facilities where the last remnants of humanity have been trying to rebuild, leaving her all alone.

Yesterday: Sky discovered a cryptic message from him telling her the fate of the world depends on Sky delivering a memory card to someone above ground. No one survives above ground.

Now: Sky is going anyway. Breaking out of North Compound with her best friend, Shawn, in tow, Sky has to try to fulfill her father s impossible request. As Sky ventures topside into this lost world reclaimed by nature and ruled by dinosaurs, she will discover it is just as dangerous as she had always feared . . . but it s also nothing like she had ever expected.

I heard the sound of a tree branch snap, and I jerked my head up, scanning the surrounding trees. I d only been above for a minute, but that was more than enough time for them to get my scent. I turned on my heel and sprinted for the compound entrance. The ground began to tremble under my feet, and I had to remind myself not to panic. I could panic later, when I was safely underground with two feet of concrete above my head.

I spotted the first one out of the corner of my eye as it burst from the trees. Bloodred scales winked in the dawn light as its opaque eyes focused in on me.

I hit the twenty-yard mark with my heart trying to claw its way up my throat. The Deinonychus was gaining on me.

Fifteen yards. Ten yards. Five. Two.


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