Sweet Unrest

Author: Lisa Maxwell
Publish Date: October 2014
Pages: 324
Price: $11.99


Dimensions: 8.01 in. tall, 6.33 in. wide, 0.72 in. thick
Publisher: Flux
ISBN: 0738740810
Accelerated Reader ®
Quiz#: 182047
Quiz Name: Sweet Unrest
Reading Level: 5.2
Interested Level: Upper Grade
Point Value: 12
  • Sweet Unrest
    Sweet Unrest
    Price: $23.30
  • Sweet Unrest
    Sweet Unrest
    Price: $11.99

Book Overview

For as long as she can remember, Lucy Aimes has been plagued by a dark, recurring dream of drowning. But when her family moves to an old plantation outside New Orleans, she starts having intense new dreams, vivid scenes of a bygone era filled with people she shouldn't know but does. Searching for answers to her haunting visions, Lucy reluctantly descends into the city's mystical culture.

What she finds is Alex, a charming but mysterious boy who behaves as if they've known each other forever. Lucy shouldn't be so drawn to him . . . but she is. As she tries to solve the mystery surrounding Alex, a centuries-old vendetta unspools around her, resulting in a vicious murder. Now trapped in a dangerous crossfire, Lucy must act fast to save her future--and everyone she loves.

Praise: "A well-written, spellbinding, and informative story that teen readers (and adults) are sure to snap up."--SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

"A tale of magic, murder and romance in the steamy South."--KIRKUS REVIEWS

"Maxwell's debut proves her to be a talented wordsmith."--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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