Sonia Delaunay: Art Is Life

Publish Date: June 2017
Pages: 40
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ISBN: 1633450244

Book Overview

Sonia Delaunay (1885 1979), painter and textile, theater, and fashion designer, made enormous contributions to the development of abstraction in the early 1910s, partly because of her son, Charles. In this new book, Delaunay and six-year-old Charles have a fantastical adventure in a world of color and form, a magical road trip in their car, modeled after her 1925 design for a Citroen convertible. They glide into a landscape of colors and shapes drawn from Delaunay s early abstract compositions it s as if they ve driven into one of her paintings. Mother and son also explore the artist s gorgeous, colorful designs for fabrics and clothing. Throughout, Delaunay helps Charles understand her artistic process and that of her husband, artist Robert Delaunay, by asking him what shapes and colors he recognizes along the way. They end up back in the real world, and Charles realizes that his mother s thoughts about art permeate every aspect of their life.

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