Sojo: Memoirs of a Reluctant Sled Dog

Author: Pam Flowers
Illustrator: Bill Farnsworth
Publish Date: October 2016
Pages: 120
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Price: $23.99


ISBN: 1943328552

Book Overview

Sojo the sled dog is born into a hardworking, talented family and starts life as a happy, trusting, and confident dog. But her confidence rapidly wanes as she begins to understand how complicated and challenging it is to be a sled dog. She fears that she will never learn how to do the job and is overshadowed by her sister, Anna, who is very smart and confident and gets all the glory. Reluctantly, she accepts that she is destined to be a sled dog, undergoes training, and much to her surprise, makes the team. When explorer Pam Flowers and the team set out alone across the arctic, Sojo s self-confidence and pride in her work slowly grow. By journey s end, she comes to realize that she has made a valuable contribution to the success of the adventure and is respected as a sled dog. When she retires, Sojo is a contented dog who understands that doing your best and being supportive of friends and family is what is most important."

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