Snowy Lodin

Author: Joan Dee Wilson
Illustrator: Joan Dee Wilson
Cover Design by: Joan Dee Wilson
Publish Date: July 2016
Pages: 32
Price: $14.99


Dimensions: 11.02 in. tall, 8.5 in. wide, 0.09 in. thick
ISBN: 0997552700

Book Overview

Snowy Lodin is a young snowy owl fledgling living in the Arctic tundra. Cheerfully yet defiantly he sets out alone on top of the world to find the legendary Father North. Although, hopes vanish as winter moves across the land. Predators are fierce and food becomes scarce, while young Snowy Lodin grows weak. With his last strong breath, he screeches out for help. When his big yellow eyes open again, a creature is holding him. One with no wings... a mysterious people creature, who knows exactly how to care for a snowy owl fledging who stayed all alone in the Arctic environment.

Note from the author, Joan Wilson:

A very early memory of mine was a rescue attempt by my siblings and I, to box up a clutch of owlets presumably blown from their nest in an oak tree. We thought it was our duty to save them from woodland predators roaming our property, until suddenly, the adult owls began diving at us. We then realized, we were their predators and abandoned our mission to run for the house. I still remember the smell and the soft feathers of those fledglings that evening.

Decades have passed since my childhood, art school, and my career as a commercial artist. Currently, I am the mother of three wonderful young adult children and grandmother to theirs. They have been the encouragement I needed to combine years of storytelling with my art. At the same time my renewed fascination for birds was sparked by my husband with our bird feeders and fact books.

Snowy Lodin is about a young snowy owl, born in the Arctic tundra. While other fledglings gather to migrate south, Lodin cheerfully yet defiantly, sets out all alone on top of the world to find the legendary Father North.

In this story we see how Lodin shares with his readers age group, the ability to truly believe in an ideal, or an image, or – a legend - even when others do not. As the illustrator, I hope that the reader will find symbolic inspiration as the story progresses: folly, being warm and cool contrast; peril, which is bleak colors; hope, is a billowing green scarf; and peace, returning to light and bright images.

So, writing and illustrating Children’s Picture Books, with the marvelous bird creatures, so full of character, are the perfect fit for me. Another new story is building in my mind while Snowy Lodin and Kessy Ventures captivate the hearts of today's young bird conservationists.

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