Snapper and the Hiccups

Author: Kay Williams
Illustrator: Danna Victoria
Publish Date: September 2016
Pages: 30
Price: $7.99


Dimensions: 8.5 in. tall, 8.5 in. wide, 0.08 in. thick
Publisher: Cambria Books
ISBN: 0995531749

Book Overview

Snapper And The Hiccups
Fifth book in the series of Adventures In The Pond
It is a lovely day and all the fish are enjoying themselves.
Amelia was up the garden looking after her fish.
Something made Snapper laugh so much, he got the hiccups.
Can one of the fish come up with an idea how to cure Snapper?
Follow the adventures of Fido, Gizmo, Tiddles, Jaws, Snapper and Bob.
A fun filled adventure for parents to read to the children, or children to read themselves.
The Fifth book in a series for children's aged 4-8 by Kay Williams, illustrations by Danna Victoria.

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