Sir Francis Drake: Circumnavigator of the Globe and Privateer for Queen Elizabeth

Author: Joy Paige
Read by: Eileen Stevens
Publish Date: October 2016
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Publisher: Brilliance Audio
ISBN: 153188010X

Book Overview

The Library of Explorers and Exploration(tm) Primary sources make these fascinating books unique. The titles in this visually stunning new biography series will provide middle school readers with an understanding of each explorer's life and achievements. Primary source documents such as journal entries, maps, and letters supplement engaging and detailed prose to explain the voyages and the impact they had on society and history. Richly illustrated with full-color maps, paintings, and other relevant images, this series offers a full-bodied portrait of noteworthy explorers and the period in which they lived. This series supports the social studies curriculum for: European exploration of the Americas; People, places and environment Sir Francis Drake: Sir Francis Drake, a sea captain, navigator, privateer, politician, and slave-driver, led a life steeped in adventure and iconoclasm. While the English regarded him as a hero, the Spanish deemed him a pirate. This biography will inform readers of Drake s legendary and oftentimes dubious exploits, including leading the first English circumnavigation of the world from 1577-1580. Each book is refreshingly frank offering a warts and all portrait. RECOMMENDED. Booklist"

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