Shopkins Seek and Find

Publish Date: October 2015
Pages: 24
Price: $4.99


Dimensions: 10.9 in. tall, 8.1 in. wide, 0.2 in. thick
Publisher: Little Bee Books
ISBN: 1499802250

Book Overview

Meet the adorable Shopkins in this brand new search and findbook that comes with deliciously scented stickers
Shopkins is a top-selling toy property that features more than 300 cutegrocery store characters to collect, trade, and swap. In this search and find book published alongside two sticker book bind-ups, kids will meet and play with the adorable Shopkins Featuringthe gang of collectible characters, this book is packed withcolorful Shopville pictures to add stickers to and characters to search and find. Sticker the pages to create smell-icious scenes with 100 sweetly scented stickers "

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