Sela Blue and the First Day of School

Author: Alisia Dale
Illustrator: Sheree Evelina
Publish Date: February 2016
Pages: 67
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Dimensions: 10.9 in. tall, 8.4 in. wide, 0.6 in. thick
ISBN: 1942537018

Book Overview

Written in delightful rhyming prose with beautifully illustrated and detailed images, this book focuses on one of the most exciting moments for any child: the first day of school. Sela Blue s first day of school has finally arrived and she has been dreaming about it all summer. Her ever-first childhood experiences come to life and leap off the pages and will leave any reader itching to turn the page. Set in her little town off the south shore of the bay, readers get to know Sela, her family, and her friends as they bask in her imagination and daydreams brought to life through playful and whimsical storylines of childhood adventure and amusement. Her stories are relevant and ring true with kids of all walks of life, ages, and skin tones because the stories focus on being a kid and not being a color."

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